Last update: 05/21/2020

General rules

    1. The general exit restriction no longer applies from 06th of May 2020. Everyone is required to reduce their physical contact with people not-belonging to their household to an absolute minimum. Wherever possible, there must be a minimum distance of 1.5 m between two people. Public assemblies remain prohibited.
    2. By the 8th of May it is allowed again to visit relatives in straight line, siblings and members of another household in addition to the closer family (spouses and partners).
    3. Mouth and nose protection must be worn by anyone over the age of 6 when shopping, visiting authorities or using public transport. For additional information please check here.
    4. The public playgrounds are opened again. They may be used by children accompanied by legal guardians. Avoid assemblies. Whenever possible, the distances should be kept.
    5. Individual sport is possible if the distances are kept.
    6. From the 25th of May preschool children, i.e. children who have to go to school from autumn on, should go back to kindergarten. If they have siblings in the same kindergarten they can also attend kindergarten. Please contact the kindergarten your children are visiting for details. Keep in touch with the schools your children visit. There you can be told exactly when school attendance for which classes starts again.
    7. Services can take place in churches and mosques. Masks are mandatory for the participants. A minimum distance of 2m must be kept. The duration is limited to 60 minutes.
    8. Celebrating and barbecuing in public places is prohibited.
    9. All accommodation establishments, such as hotels, holiday apartments, guest houses and campsites in Bavaria, have reopened to holidaymakers from the Pentecost weekend (30th of May 2020) if the hygiene regulations are strictly observed.
    10. Unfortunately, the Arabic lessons for children still can't take place.
    11. Keep your accommodations clean.
    12. Do not shake hands with anyone! If you have been outside and have touched shopping carts, railings or door handles, wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Always wear a face mask when you get close to other people, even when you keep the minimum distance of 1.50 meters.
    13. Avoid contact with groups of people, keep a distance of 1.5 meters.
    14. If you feel sick, call your family doctor and make an appointment. If you do not reach him call 116 117.
    15. If you receive letters that you do not understand, contact your volunteer by phone or contact the Diakonie (0 90 71/72 64 00 or 0176 45 54 56 82) or Georg Schrenk (0176) 48041397.
    16. If you have any questions you can contact the Dillingen immigration office at (09071) 51113. Please refer to the information provided by the accommodation officers of the Government of Swabia or the house manager.

Please refer to the information provided by the Accommodation Representative of the Government of Swabia or the house manager.
Find more information on the Integreat app:              

Warning: Anyone who does not comply with the requirements for corona protection will be punished. Monetary fines or imprisonment of up to two years are possible.

Contact to Georg Schrenk

If refugees in Dillingen receive letters from authorities, the JobCenter or even courts that they do not understand they can send him an email or call him. The "office" is temporarily closed!

E-Mail address :Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Mobile: (0176) 48041397 (also WhatsApp).

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